ICEfilm is an international creative project, general call of which is to participate in creation of a world-wide documentary film.
This is going to be a Evolutionary documentary forever - seriously! =)

It'll be based on a short stories from different countries shot by different people.

Final version of the project will be sent to Aliens - so they will get a rare chance to know who we are ! =)

Here at in the nearest future will be a virtual control panel - to provide a central point of contact and communication for those filmmakers who are participating in the plot involved in collaboration on this open-project..

If you'd like to join us or to get more information - please visit: , or you can subscribe for the updates and we'll keep you posted on any news on this website!

We're here to build a team and provide technical and architectural direction for the project as well as keep track of working progress, and generally attempt to provide ``roadmaps'' to the project.


More things are coming soon..


Join our staff!

If you would like to help to maintain and expand this project - Please, email us a small note with a little bit about yourself and what you think you can bring. Feel free to list any other relevant information you think we could use. Any help is appreciated! =)


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